19th European Conference on Fracture

19th European Conference on Fracture | Fracture Mechanics Against Catastrophic Failures

Plenary Lections

Robert Ritchie Berkeley, USA  US

"Biological degradation of the hierarchical structure and fracture properties of human bone"
(Opening Lecture)

Wolfgang Brocks Geesthacht, Germany  DE

"Use of Cohesive Elements for the Simulation of Crack Extension"

Alberto Carpinteri Torino, Italy  IT

"Piezonuclear reactions produced by brittle fracture: From laboratory to planetary scale"

Vladimir Fortov, Gennady Kanel Moscow, Russia  RU

"High-rate deformation and fracture under extreme conditions"

Emmanuel Gdoutos Xanthi, Greece  GR

"Solution of Fracture Mechanics Problems by the Optical Method of Caustics. - New Developments"

Irina Goryacheva, Elena Torskaya Moscow, Russia  RU

"Modelling of wear and contact fatigue in friction interaction"

Bhushan Karihaloo Cardiff, UK  UK

"Asymptotic Fields at Cohesive Crack Tips"

Georgy Karzov, Boris Margolin St.-Petersburg, Russia  RU

"Fracture mechanisms and structural integrity assessment of equipments for NPP with different types of reactors"

Otmar Kolednik Leoben, Austria  AUT

"New ideas for the development of damage resistant materials and structures"

Meinhard Kuna Freiberg, Germany  DE

"Fracture mechanics of piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials and structures"

Toshihiko Kuwabara Tokyo, Japan  JP

"Forming Limits of Metal Sheets and Tubes: Analysis Method and Experimental Validation"

Antonio Martin Meizoso San Sebasti├ín, Spain  ESP

"Failure Criteria for Wood Under Multiaxial Loading"

Yukitaka Murakami Fukuoka, Japan  JP

"Hydrogen embrittlement: the microscopic mechanism in fatigue and fracture"

Volodymyr Panasyuk, Hryhorii Nykyforchyn Lviv, Ukraine  UA

"Properties degradation of pipeline steels caused by long-term service in hydrogen enriched environments"

Yury Petrov St.-Petersburg, Russia  RU

"Incubation time based fracture mechanics"

Reinhard Pippan Leoben, Austria  AUT

"Fatigue and fracture of micro samples"

Jaroslav Pokluda Brno, Czech Republic  CZ

"Theoretical strength of solids: a bridge from interatomic bonds to local plasticity and fracture"

Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar Austin, USA  US

"Multiscale Experiments on Ductile Failure in Polycrystalline Materials"

Jesus Toribio Salamanca, Spain  ESP

"Materials and Environmental Circumstance: And All is Always Now"

Dov Sherman Haifa, Israel  IL

"The Role of Phonon Emission in Dynamic Crack Propagation in Brittle Crystals"

Andrey Shanyavskiy Moscow, Russia  RU

"Scale Levels for Durability Bimodal Distribution of Titanium Alloys: Fatigue Mechanisms and In-service Experience"

Siegfried Schmauder Stuttgart, Germany  DE

"Simulation of crack propagation on all length scales"

Yu Shouwen Beijing, China  CN

"The damage mechanics approach and the damage evolution of bone considering the mechanical-electric-magnetic coupling effects"

Nicola Pugno Torino, Italy  IT

"Fracture and adhesion of super-nanomaterials: graphene (the strongest) and spider-silk (the toughest)"

Andre Pineau Evry cedex, France  FR

"Revisiting cleavage and intergranular fracture in BCC metals"

Victor Panin Tomsk, Russia  RU

"Fracture Mesomechanics of a solid as a hierarchically built nonlinear system"

Xanthippi Markenscoff, Cristian Dascalu USA, France US  FR

"Damage amplification due to singularly interacting nearby microcracks and cavities"

Nikolay Makhutov Moscow, Russia  RU

"Big disasters analysis in problems of technical systems safety"